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Auto Enrolment – Don’t get caught out!

Running through my presentation for our first Cloud Café session next Monday has helped me realise quite how easy it will be for employers to get into real trouble over auto enrolment.

Almost all employers will be affected, and the requirements are onerous – there is good reason for The Pensions Regulator to use a picture of a scorpion on their website!

If pensions will take the sting out of retirement for staff, we will help take the sting out of auto enrolment for our clients.

Getting up to speed with auto enrolment requirements has been difficult enough for me. It’s hard to make time sometimes when the practice is busy. For me, getting familiar with auto enrolment is absolutely essential, not only for my own business but so we are all able to help clients, most of whom have their own struggles yet to come.

I really feel for small business owners burdened with yet another huge administrative task which will seem, for very many of them, out of all proportion to the size of their business and the profit they are working so hard to earn.

I’m glad we’ve chosen auto enrolment for our first Cloud Café session, it’s exactly the sort of issue on which I’m delighted to be able to make a bit of free help available to all.

If you might be affected by auto enrolment and haven’t yet signed up for our Cloud Café, make sure you do, and please help us spread the word too.


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 We will be giving a “Heads Up” on auto enrolment online at 13:00 next Monday 23 November. The session is completely free and open to all, though you must register in advance, which you can do from our website at


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