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Is your business ready for the future?

I had an excellent day out of the office last Friday at an ICAEW Business Futures event. The ICAEW is running the Business Futures project to help members focus on the future, grasp its opportunities and its manage risks, to help us and to help our clients.

I got up at 4:30a.m. for the long drive to Coventry, knowing little about the agenda and wondering if the M1 Friday traffic might cause me to regret giving up a whole day. I need not have worried! Our day was crammed with thought-provoking content, from Mitch Feierstein forecasting the implosion of financial markets to John Prevac telling us how cities should develop mixed use, densified spaces with character in order to be sustainable, to Professor Brian Cox giving us a quick tour of the solar system and reassuring us we need not worry about future energy needs thanks to imminent fusion technology.

We were also treated to a fashion show by students from Coventry University, whose creative brilliance I felt put the older generation to shame as they demonstrated ideas for future clothing to regenerate our skins, protect us from harmful chemicals, repair itself and reveal our mood. Rather disturbingly, the students clearly had little or no faith in us looking after the planet so they don’t expect us to be breathing clean air by 2050.

The event was really stimulating and motivating – the ICAEW had done an excellent job of engaging our younger members which helped ensure a buzz in the room from the beginning to the end, and as usual, I met a huge cross section of members from industries as diverse as trading climate derivatives, teaching and developing drone technology. It can be hard to justify taking out a full day but with the world around us changing so rapidly, I feel it was a valuable investment which will help us help clients navigate some of the challenges ahead. I was left comfortably reassured that I am in a world-class institute that is helping business in vital and creative ways.

 If you need help thinking about the future and ensuring that your business will be sustainable in the face of change, please feel free to contact us for a no-obligation chat. Email Hello@approachableaccountants.co.uk

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