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Our science lab upgrade opens at Fort Girls School

Although we haven’t proceeded with working with our counterparts in India, we have continued to send them money for the local girls school that we sponsor there. It is so comforting to know that a Chartered Accountant looks over how our money is spent, and it’s great to get his occasional updates in which he conveys their sincere thanks.lab 5



The science lab that we funded last year was opened this year and though they invited me for theĀ inauguration ceremony, I made do with seeing these pictures.


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Julie, Sajid, and I all care passionately about education, which is so badly needed in so many areas of the world, especially for girls, and we’re delighted to have funded this lab and to be sponsoring more girls to stay on at the school for sixth form.


If you’d like a reminder of how the old lab looked, dusty skeleton and all, have a look onĀ our “giving back” page.


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