Our Values

We are committed to doing business in an ethical way. This means being fair in all our dealings with clients and others and making a positive difference where we can.

Please see our Giving Back page for more.

Our values define how we work with clients and staff as follows:

Our Values For clients we: For staff we:
  • Provide clear, well-researched advice
  • Are rigorously honest
  • Are transparent on the scope of work and fees
  • Demand rigorous honesty
  • Are clear on our aims, values and internal processes
  • Support staff to develop and maintain technical knowledge
  • Work to the highest standards
  • Support you to succeed
  • Continually invest to improve our service
  • Pursue tax saving opportunities
  • Invest to help them develop
  • Encourage criticism of internal processes to improve client service or efficiency
  • Flex our service to meet your needs
  • Welcome a range of clients
  • Strive to put ourselves in your shoes
  • Expect staff to take individual responsibility for their work
  • Offer flexible working, subject to client needs
  • Help our staff work to their strengths
  • Work with you to support you
  • Pull out the stops when needed
  • Have open, two-way conversations
  • Work as a team, with strong review procedures and frequent contact
  • Have shared commitment to our aims and values
  • Have regard to our wider impact such as on the environment and communities